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Egypt invites you to meet its tradition in a new, unique and individual form that meets modern expectations.


Embrace Hotel

Egypt and the Embrace Hotel invites you to meet its traditions in a new, unique and individual form that meets modern expectations and retains Egyptian charm.

Oriental architecture comes together with the innovative techniques of today.

Combining an attitude for ecological and social responsibility we offer you the comfort of a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere close to some of the most outstanding monuments in the history of mankind.

Whether you want to see the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the temples of Hatshepsut or Amenhotep III or the temples of Karnak and Luxor city you will be right in the middle of all these treasures. But still close to Egyptian families and workers as they live today. You can experience their music and art, their way of cooking and the wonderful fruits and juices this old and beautiful land has to over.

A place of silence designed for your time with yourself

The Embrace Hotel is designed as a quiet place for you, the interested tourist, who loves to learn about the ancient times. But it is as well a hortus concuss, a closed garden, for the contemplating visitor, who wants to draw back from the world into silence to find new inspiration and spiritual extension.

Kareem Hotel Luxor

This hostel in Luxor features a rooftop terrace with views of the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Theban Necropolis. There is also an on-site restaurant and a small garden for relaxation.

All rooms at Kareem Hostel Luxor are simply furnished and include a balcony. The rooms also have a private bathroom.

Colorful paintings of palm trees and Egyptian villages decorate the walls of the restaurant. Breakfast, full meals and drinks are available here or on the spacious roof terrace.

The 24-hour front desk provides free parking and a shuttle service to Luxor Airport, a 30 minute drive away. Free wired internet is provided in all public areas of Kareem Hostel.

The temples of the pharaohs are a 15 minute drive from the hostel. The banks of the Nile River can be reached with a 10 minute walk.

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