Organic Swimming Pool

Swimming like in a natural lake

Who would not like to swim in a pool whose water is soft and
without bite in the eyes and the smell of chlorine gets along? Previous pools
Needed plenty of chlorine to provide bacteria-free water.

The Living Pool at Embrace Hotel creates the same cleanliness without chemistry. Thanks a Underground biofilters will make the pool water biologically and physically treated and contaminated by bacteria and other contaminants cleaned.

Water: healthy and clear!

The benefits are obvious for every bather: no red eyes, no dry skin and painful irritation, the just allergy sufferers the bathing fun spoil. The filter system of the Living Pool provides 24 hours clean, clear and clean healthy water for joyful bathing fun.

Water for bathing and its use for others

Water is in a river oasis like Egypt and even more of the desert landscape
Upper Egypt of Luxor precious and rare. It was sacred to the ancient Egyptians. Around so it is more important that water is not polluted where possible. chlorine contaminates water and does it for humans, animals and plants unusable. The water of the living pool, however, can immediately in the Agriculture are used. No drop of the sacred resource will dirty, but is always cleaned and available. What message the huge water pools in the seaside resorts on the Red Sea! million hectoliters Water would stay clear and clean if converted to living pools.

Light for atmospheric swimming at night

in our pool, underwater lights bring life to the pool, though the sun has long gone down. Swimming at night is special in Egypt nice, because it gets dark early, but the air is pleasantly warm for a long time. Our underwater lights are on the pool wall as a flat headlight Installed. They illuminate the whole swimming pool evenly and thus make it possible a special bathing fun after sunset.